What is bordie?

We would describe a bordie as someone who is bored and seeking activities to do.

Why can't I book for a merchant that I'm interested in?

We are actively engaging merchants to bring them on board so that you can book an activity right away. If there are any merchants you are specifically interested in, please let us know at info@bordie.co and we'll move them up the priority list. Please note that not all merchants/venues require booking.

When is this available for Android?

We are working hard to bring you the same experience on Android. The current target for our Android release is by end of April 2018.

Can I blog for you?

We reward top contributors in the community via reviews or social media with an opportunity to blog for us. So if you're selected, the answer is yes!

I noticed that under my profile picture, it now says "Super Bordie" - why and what is this?

Every month we select top contributors to the community, whether it is in-app or social media - if you stand out, we will notice you. Those selected will have their account status upgraded to "Super Bordie" for the next 3 months and will be invited to special events, get opportunities to blog for us, and more!

We'll continue adding to this list as we get more commonly asked questions.